How to Learn Spanish

Learning a new language as an adult could prove very hard and time-consuming. It requires many hours of dedication to reach your goal. Let nobody deceive you that it takes a few months to learn a language as that is not the case since there is a lot to learn and different pronunciations to understand. Spanish is a beautiful language that is spoken by over five hundred million people in the world. If you are an English speaker, it is not very difficult for you to learn Spanish. There are a few ways you can learn Spanish simply without any help.

You learned how to speak English by learning all the alphabets which is what you should do when it comes to Spanish. The Spanish alphabets are similar to the English alphabets except that they are pronounced differently. This is the biggest challenge you would come across because you are not used to different sounds other than those in English. The next step after learning these alphabets is learning to pronounce words which then leads to reading complete sentences. There are rules to every language, and you need to follow those the Spanish language has to avoid pronouncing words wrongly. Learning how to count is an important skill while learning a different language. Counting in Spanish and English are not so different making it a bit easier.

When learning a foreign language, it is essential for you to keep memorizing the few words you learn every day. The more the vocabulary you know, the easier it gets for you to speak Spanish fluently. Learn at least ten words every day by using them in sentences you can easily remember. You can make your learning easier by choosing words that have similar pronunciation with English. Have a notebook at hand so that you can write down words you hear from Spanish speaking people and look up the meaning when you are free.

Another way you can learn Spanish easily is by watching your television in Spanish. This way, you are able to pick up different vocabulary especially if they have Spanish subtitles. If you are using Spanish subtitles, you will be able to learn spellings to different words which is beneficial. Moreover, using Spanish on your phone will be another way to learn and grow in this language. At first it will be difficult to learn how to navigate on your phone, but it will only take a short while as you will begin to understand certain words and phrases when you relate them to English.

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